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to take anything from us. >> reporter: a spokesman says the company has offered a fair contract to its union employees. >> union members are not being given an opportunity to vote on our last and final offer we submitted three weeks ago. we provided the union with what we believe to be a very fair offer. yet they have not set a date for an election. and because of that, we have no other choice but to implement that offer. >> reporter: the spokesman says they've lost millions of dollars since 2008, largely because of more than 200 stores that have opened in northern california that now sell groceries. many of them like walmart are nonunion and don't have to pay the operating costs they do. this woman has been shopping at her neighborhood store for 22 years. >> these are nice people. it's like a family. >> if she sees striking workers sunday morning, she'll shop
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somewhere else, at least until the dispute is settled. >> if there is a strike on sunday morning, all of the knob hill stores here in the bay area will remain open. they plan to bring in nonon onworkers to fill those shifts. reporting live in los gatos, marianne favro, nbc bay area news. >> thanks, marianne. switching to the forecast now, the slow moving halloween storm brought with it some impressive rainfall totals. we have more changes on the way. jeff ranieri is in the nbc bay area weather center with more. >> it was moving at about 15 to 20 miles an hour. you could have rode a bike from the north bay to the south bay quicker than this storm system. let's get a look at the radar now. you can see the storm is pushing off to the south and east. and right now, no raindrops on the doppler radar as it scans around. how about that rain. one of the highest totals in san francisco with 1 3/10.
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we still picked up 16/100. this puts san francisco well above average this time of year. that is a huge contrast from what we had last year. here we go again with the extreme weather. that storm moves out. here comes high pressure. this will produce some 70s and 80s in the seven-day forecast. and potentially record setting heat. we'll detail all of this for you coming up. >> now to the latest in new york, people are returning to work. many of them are arriving late, quite honestly, it's a mess. with the subway system still crippled by hurricane sandy. subway trains are slowly coming back online, charging stations are providing lifelines for cell phones. but life after the storm is far from normal. thousands of people waiting in bus lines in brooklyn, and cars just trying to inch back into the city. in some of the hardest hit communities like seaside heights, new jersey there are no recovery teams and frustration is building. >> no electricity, no heat.
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no hot water, there's not much we have. we need more help. >> reporter: hundreds of thousands will likely be without power until next week. and also next week, another storm is in the forecast. we here at nbc are happy to help the victims of the storm. we're organizing a fund-raising telethon with some high profile people to be carried by all of our networks here at nbc universal. matt lauer will host the show. you see some of the artists schedule to appear include bruce springsteen and jon bon jovi as well as billy joel and christina aguilera. money collected will be donated to the relief fund for hurricane sandy. the telethon will air right here on nbc bay area, starting at 8:00 tomorrow night. after a three-day lull because of sandy, the presidential campaign has revved up again. mr. obama received a key endorsement today from new york city mayor and independent michael bloomberg. with five days until election
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day, president obama campaigned across wisconsin, nevada and colorado. mitt romney travelled across virginia today. both sides concentrating on nine swing states which could make the difference. >> the president wants to see four more years, that's his chant. our chant is this, five more days, all right? >> we know what change looks like. and what the governor is offering sure ain't change. giving more power back to the biggest banks isn't change. leaving millions without health insurance isn't change. >> and today's nbc poll, the president leads mitt romney by six points in iowa. the races in wisconsin and new hampshire are much tighter. an effort is underway to establish a reward nund last night's murder of a popular business owner. investigators say robbery was the motive for the deadly shooting of 50-year-old wilbur bartley. he was closing his cell phone
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store on international boulevard. when police say he was confronted by one or two gunmen. he was known for working with customers who had trouble paying their bills. and he also helped disadvantaged children. >> he did things for people that he didn't have to do them for. he did them without question. without reason. he just did. he gave continuously without a second thought. if he felt it was going to help you in any single way, he would do that. >> he lived just a few blocks away from the store with his family. now to an nbc bay area follow-up. a national nonprofit group is taking action tonight. following our investigation into sexual harassment policies at schools. equal rights advocates are sending formal requests to more than 100 school districts in the bay area. demanding answers about their title nine policies and procedures. on tuesday, our investigative unit exposed schools not
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complying with title 9. a federal law meant to protect students from sexual harassment. we found some principals don't know how to handle harassment complaints. others don't know what title ix is. if you have a tip for investigative unit including any issues you may have when trying to vote, give us a call at 888-996-tips, or can you send us an e-mail to the unit at surf's up, the maverick surfing contest is on. the champion surfersible vited to ride the giants will pose for photos in front of their long boards and meet with reporters on november 9th. this is always a big day. they'll lead a ceremonial paddle out with members of the public. after november 9th, the surfing stars will be on hold for several weeks. why? they're waiting for the big waves to come. the ceremony simply marks the opening of the window to hold the contest.
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this time last year half moon bay and pillar point harbor turned into a hollywood movie set, while the crews shot the movie chasing mavericks with gerard butler. provocative and in your face. the giants star becomes an even bigger legend. it's all because of his t-shirt. when you're doing what you love, it doesn't feel like work. i know that sounds very cliche, but i'm living proof of it. the end of the story is just the beginning. our bay area proud exclusive, we meet a man who traded in a career for a real passion. tem purees below average today, pretty cool from the inland areas, right to the coast with low to mid # 60s. the rain and cooler temperatures is helping the allergy forecast for now. we'll tell you about warmer weather, and when summer heat could return in a few minutes.
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yesterday's victory parade was filled with memorable moments. everyone seems to be talking about the t-shirt sergeo romo wore. the t-shirt had the words i just look illegal. it's created quite a stir. was it a political statement or just a joke? damian trujillo spoke to romo yesterday, and he looks at the frenzy behind those four words. >> reporter: the crowd at wednesday's parade was already loud and it got even louder when they saw the words printed on sergeo romo's t-shirt. i just look illegal. romo didn't mention the as a result when we talked to him on the parade route. >> the great city of san francisco backed us up through and through. >> i think there's a lot of attention that he brought on himself, both good and bad. >> the immigrant rights group in
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san jose, praised him. >> i was surprised he used that platform to really, i think, highlight how ridiculous a lot of the anti-immigrant backlash that we've seen. >> he would have preferred romo use the word undocumented instead of illegal. the statement, if it was a statement has drawn criticism by some in blogs and on talk radio. it was nothing but praise. >> i thought it was great. i think it's bringing up an issue that's out there, and i think romo's a great one to bring that out. >> i think it's great he won a t-shirt. it shows courage and a great opportunity to make a public statement. i totally support that. >> a man whose praise for his pitching just hit a home run with the sports fans and with people who fight for immigrants. damian trujillo, nbc bay area news. for many immigrants, deportation is a daunting reality. even if you're legal. in alameda county, the district
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attorney's office is trying to help. they're trying to prevent deportation for immigrants of nonviolent lesser crimes. it took about a year to shift guidelines, instructing prosecutors to let some immigrants avoid convictions that would get them kicked out of the country. that means considering different charges for crimes like petty theft and drug conviction. in exchange for counterbalancing measures like longer jail time or stricter probation conditions. this will help those who have been living here for years paying taxes and raising a family. santa clara imcomplimented this strategy last fall. we're going to talk about math. >> someone taking someone's good deed and making it many times greater. it's what a san francisco man and his video camera have done time and time again. garvin thomas is here with an inspiring story about inspiring stories. >> that's right. achieving your lifelong dream
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isn't always what it's cracked up to be. television reporter was the dream, and he reached it. a reporter in the bay area before the age of 30, but the job he found out while feeding his bank account is not satisfying his soul. how he changed that is tonight's bay area proud. >> it's been a spiritual journey for me. >> reporter: he has a saying about being careful what you say, because words eventually become reality. >> we are going to oakland. >> reporter: it's something he says he learned in a very life changing way. >> there's no lightning out here so far tonight. >> reporter: a few years ago, he was a television reporter working for a bay area news station. it was the culmination of a lifelong dream for him. problem was, he found facing death and destruction on an almost daily basis couldn't make up for the perks the job offered. >> the job title, people notice you. and i still felt really empty.
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>> reporter: he vowed to make a change one day. not knowing that one day was the next day. >> the next day i got laid off. and then i just said, you know what, while i have some time off, i'm just going to start doing stories of inspirational people. >> reporter: that idea has grown into his nonprofit, go inspire go. he produces video stories about people doing good in the world. then uses social media, not just to spread their story, but get others to join in the effort. it's why on this day he's at kaiser permanente medical center, doing a follow-up story on nico castro. he's a 6-year-old battling cancer. and while he is out of the hospital for now, nico felt badly for the other kids stuck there on halloween. so he led an effort to gather costumes for those kids so they could celebrate. >> we did get a lot of different
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items. >> reporter: twan's story on nico's first donation inspired others to donate more costumes, meaning another trip to the hospital and even more grateful children. >> go infire go, we cover every day heroes that are doing small things that ripple out to meaningful changes and hopefully inspire people to take action. >> they have no food. >> reporter: it is also how he helped a san francisco kindergartner turn 17,000 meals for the homeless into almost 10 times that. he says that while still a reporter at heart, what he does now is dinner in so many ways. not the least of which is that the end of his stories now are always just the beginning. >> speaking of stories. i want to update you on two we did recently. you remember the haunted house story. he had more people than he had last year, he had more this
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year. do you remember a story about the young man who grew pumpkins and sold them to san francisco to raise money. he had a goal of $20,000. he reached it. >> we love seeing the stories. >> thanks, garvin. if you have a story that makes you bay area proud, send us a tip to thanksgiving and christmas may be right around the corner. an east bay family is celebrated mother's day thanks to ellen degeneres and garvin thomas making a special appearance. ellen was moved by the craft family of pleasanton struggling. today ellen called them out from the audience and surprised them with a new nursery for the baby and a gift of $25,000. now, annalise originally wrote to ellen to submit a funny photo
5:17 pm
of her toddler. she never expected a life changing gift. >> i didn't think -- i know it happens, but not to us. not to us. >> what a great story. the couple is expecting a daughter on new year's day. >> i saw that just before our newscast. our forecast is changing a bit. let's check in with jeff ranieri. >> it is moving off to the south and east. the halloween storm we have been tracking. so that rain again has moved on out. that's the good news, the slow moving system did do quite a bit here in terms of the rainfall totals. one and three tenths in san francisco. that was near a record setting rainfall. also, sonoma at 3600. now san francisco is up above 100% of average for the rainfall season. awesome news here across the bay area. also, very cold here now that the cold front has pushed off to
5:18 pm
the east. widespread temperatures in the 60s. get a load of this. after some 60s today in south san jose, by this weekend, more extremes coming our way. we're going to flip the calendar back into some late summer weather as we head into your saturday and sunday with possible 80s coming our way. let's take you live outside. you can see the size of changes right now. we have blue skies filtering in. notice the fog, it's all compressed down, with high pressure starting to build. that's going to help the fog story to eventually push back to the coastline. also in the east bay, we have sunny skies, no fog making it over here, at least your commute home tonight is going to be a lot better than what we dealt with on halloween evening. the next 48 hours what we have happening is the slow moving storm system. we'll continue to migrate off to the east. get out of here, here comes high pressure and more sunshine for your upcoming weekend. temperatures could warm anywhere from 5 to 15 degrees from what we experienced for today. we're going to have to get
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through the next 48 hours at least for now. so that will bring it to the coastline, 50s and 60s and for the interior valleys, a mix of 7 70s and then we'll hold off until this weekend when it's expected to be warm and plenty of sunshine. not overly warm here in the south bay. also 71 in palo alto. the east bay, we actually could have a few low 70s like in walnut creek, danville, pleasanton even livermore. for san francisco we stay in the 60s, you go to santa rosa, we'll have 73. also 71 in berkeley and oakland. we'll have 80s returning by sunday. don't forget that time change. and for election day next week. it's looking good here on tuesday. we don't discriminate here, it doesn't matter whether you are republican, democratic, independent or your own kind of
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party. we have some good weather for everyone next tuesday. sunny skies and mid-80s. don't blame the weather guy for not heading out to the polls next week. >> can we blame garvin thomas for coming into the picture? >> it was pretty good, live tv. still ahead at 5:00, the cleanup could last for years. the impact hurricane sandy could have on life saving medical research. it's your chance to contribute to the 49ers new stadium. how you can get a chance to be a permanent part of the arts.
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while patients have been a priority, some new york hospitals are trying to salvage medical research that may have been damaged in hurricane sandy. the lack of power also damaged or destroyed many cell lines and lab tissue samples which were left to that you when the
5:23 pm
refrigerators and freezers stopped working. in many cases this is a year's worth of research into heart disease, diabetes and cancer. new charges today related to the jerry sandusky child sex abuse scandal. they reached the highest position on the penn state campus. almost five months after sandusky was convicted of sexually abusing ten boys. today the former president graham spanier was charged with covering up evidence and today additional charges of child endangerment were filed against two other penn state officials who were already charged with perjury and conspiracy. all three are expected to be arraigned tomorrow. all three say they are innocent. 49ers fans, now is your chance to put your artistic touch on the team's new stadium. the team is calling all artists of the $1.2 billion stadium in santa clara. sports and the arts, the company, teamed up with the 49ers, they're all looking for paintings, sketches and mixed media to be included in the team's collection. i mean, you could submit your
5:24 pm
work and they'll be up in the stadiums. if you're interested you should submit a short bioand a sample of your artwork. the deadline is january 15th. the stadium is scheduled to open for the 2014 season. can you find out more about how you can get your artwork into the new stadium by going to our website and searching 49ers stadium art. >> we'll be right back.
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we want to look at what's coming up next on nbc bay area. >> coming up on "nightly news" out of tragedy, hope. stories of neighbors making a difference during those rescue efforts during sandy. ballots found in the bay area gutter.
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learn where and whether they'll be counted. those stories and more when i join raj at 6:00. jeff ranieri is here now with us as we head into the weekend. >> it's going to be warming up the next couple days. temperatures going from the 60s today to low to mid-70s by friday. that's already tomorrow. the weekend is getting here quick. low 80s sunday. by next thursday, a 30% chance of showers. another good decent shot of some rainfall by friday. we're going to track that closely. >> beach weather for the weekend? >> yeah. >> thanks for joining us at 5:00, we hope to see you at 6:00. good night. alright let's break it down.
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